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About us

Gem Decors is a place where aesthetics meets spirituality.

We are a Sweden-based company with connections worldwide, we offer our customers carefully selected, high quality gemstones and minerals for home decor, meditation and general well-being. All the stones are genuine, we do not work with dyed or heated minerals as we admire the natural and unique beauty of every specimen and strive to pass this aesthetics on.

Beauty - Uniqueness - Good Vibes

In order to reduce environmental impact of our business, we have made an active choice to minimise use of plastic packaging (only reusable or recycled).


Support "Krama Era Barn"

In our desire to make this world a better place, we support a Swedish association "Krama Era Barn" in their fight against Sanfilippo syndrome. Together we can raise awareness about this deadly disease, support research and hopefully soon find cure that will save children's lives.

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Learn more on www.kramaerabarn.com



Do you need visual inspiration or want to learn more about crystals, its gemmological and metaphysical properties? Then you are welcome to our instagram page, there we share beauty of crystals, good vibes and lots of interesting facts!